Artwork by Marine Jessica Caron illustrating Atelier Verdi Livia vanity case in front of ship

Founding Inspiration with NABA

Atelier Verdi is delighted to present the first creative content produced by students from the prestigious Italian art academy Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (NABA) as part of our new creative project.

Artwork by Marine Jessica Caron illustrating Atelier Verdi Livia vanity case in front of ship

This first instalment comes from emerging French-Canadian talent, Marine Jessica Caron*, who explores the inspiration behind the brand.

Atelier Verdi was born from a love of period luxury, timeless design and traditional Italian craftsmanship. Our Founder and CEO, Gabriella Verdi, has a deep affection for her Italian family roots and the local artisans she spent her career in partnership with, providing a firm foundation for the brand. 

The main inspiration came from her mother, who as an Italian resident was a keen buyer of artisanal pieces in the 50s and 60s. Many of those pieces still stand the test of time today. 

When it comes to the stylistic influence of the brand, the glamour and sense of occasion exuded by the golden age of rail and ocean voyage provide an elegant and seductive backdrop for our leather bags tenderly crafted by hand by our artisans in Tuscany. 

*Marine is based at NABA's Milan campus where she is in her final year as a fashion design student. Majoring in styling and communications, she's had a lifelong passion for a career in the industry.

"I have pursued that goal for as long as I can remember. It’s the limitless possibilities for creative expression," she says.

With a passion for photography and travel, Marine says fashion allows her to embrace the beauty of different cultures.

"My favourite thing about fashion is how it shows the beauty of multiculturalism and seeing that when you travel is the most rewarding."

When she's not in Italy, Marine is with family in Switzerland, Canada or France.

Artwork by Marine Jessica Caron. 
Instagram: @marine_jessica_caron
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