Atelier Verdi rolls of pink leather stored at the tannery

Ethical Leather

Atelier Verdi rolls of pink leather stored at the tannery

The artisans that craft each Atelier Verdi piece are at the heart of our collections, but their skill demands that they have only the very best raw materials with which to create.

That’s why, when it comes to leather, we’re really picky. Exceptional quality only comes from hides that have been ethically sourced, where animal welfare is paramount, and where processing is sympathetic to the environment. It shows in the final product. You can tell. And so can we.

Our bags use the highest grade of calf leather, with linings of super soft nappa.

All leathers used to create Atelier Verdi pieces are derived exclusively as a by-product of food production and nothing goes to waste. Residues from hide processing are recycled for use in the food industry or as fertilizers, insulating material for construction, regenerated leather, or building applications.

Atelier Verdi red leather hides at the tannery


The hides we use are sourced predominantly from Italy, France and New Zealand and each has full traceability.


We have carefully selected a prestigious tannery to partner with, in the world-renowned centre of the industry: The Santa Croce sull'Arno area of Pisa. We’re proud of their ethical credentials, including their participation in the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) program, and their tireless work towards developing evermore sustainable products and practices. 

Atelier Verdi rolls of multi-coloured leather at the tannery

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