A Colourful Burst of Luxury to Champion Slow Fashion

Atelier Verdi is delighted to present our Spring/Summer art expression produced by Lisa Pegurin* from the prestigious Italian art academy Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan.

Atelier Verdi spring/summer 2021 collection gif by Lisa Pegurin

One of our founding principles at Atelier Verdi is to create pieces using traditional artisanal methods that offer both exclusivity and longevity, that our clients will love forever. We have poured our passion and love into our latest Spring/Summer collection; the vibrant and stylish vanity bags are the epitome of a timeless aesthetic carefully designed in-house and exceptionally handcrafted by our Italian master artisans using best-in-class materials.

Proudly upholding the principles of the slow fashion movement, Atelier Verdi is an early adopter of the produce-on-demand model that we believe will become the benchmark among luxury brands as the world moves towards a more sustainable way of living. 

Pushing back against the fast fashion model of excess that had become the societal norm, slow fashion seeks to promote quality over quantity, crafting well-made pieces that last, and producing only when an order is received. Running parallel to this is sustainable raw material sourcing amid simplified supply chains.

Founder Gabriella Verdi says “We don’t seek to contribute to a consumer culture of excessive production, but instead offer unique products that can be passed down to future generations, each with a story and history of travel or adventure from a treasured family member or dear friend.”

At the core of Atelier Verdi’s design and production ethos is to deliver a product that offers multi-generation longevity and minimises environmental impact. We firmly believe this is the future of the industry and are proud to be at the forefront.


*Lisa Pegurin has a strong creative sense that she incorporates into all of her work. Studying Fashion Styling and Communication at NABA helped Lisa to cultivate her passion for the world of fashion, cinema, music and art.

“It’s a world that has always fascinated me because I think it's the greatest form of personal and creative expression. I've always been attracted to artistic forms of all kinds, being constantly on the lookout for stimuli and styles, which is why, as well as fashion, I'm also passionate about cinema and music”.

“Growing up in a small town in the province of Varese in Northern Italy,  where artistic opportunities are very limited, I felt I was in the right place to express my ideas and creativity attending the Milanese art academy NABA”

Artwork by Lisa Pegurin. 

Instagram: @lisapegurin

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